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The difference between High Collared and the rest.

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Synchronized walking. Three 80lbs+ dogs in my left hand, beside me.  They walk with me, they do not walk me.

Don’t hire just anyone, that got out of bed one morning and stuck a poster on a post. You have seen these posters everywhere, from an endless amount of people wanting to walk your dog, littering OUR beautiful neighborhood. Then these posters and their creators vanish, never to be heard from again.  High Collared has over a decade of experience with a perfect safety record and 100% positive reviews, all from people right here in cityplace, fort york, your neighbors.  We are are here to stay.  This is not a summer job, we are not saving for collage, we are not waiting to pursue our true dreams…..this is our dream and your dog is our life.

We can handle your dog, no matter the size, large or small.

Synchronised walking. Three 80lbs+ dogs in my left hand, beside me. I walk them, they do not walk me. I can walk your Dog, no matter the size. I am their trusted walker.

Posted by High Collared Raw on Wednesday, August 30, 2017