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Shop safe with High Collared Raw Dog food

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When ordering Raw Dog food from High Collared Raw in Toronto,  you can do so with confidence. Our site keeps your information safe with SSL encryption. Something many of the bigger raw stores can’t claim.  When shopping around for raw dog food, look for that green secure mark beside the address. If it’s not there, run for your life.

Shop safe always at

Key Features of Rawchoice from High Collared Raw

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RawChoice from High Collared Raw in Toronto.

  •  Made from human-grade, locally sourced meat.
  •  Gluten-free, antibiotic-free, traceable meat.
  •  Ingredients are mixed at specific ratios to provide a balanced meal.
  •  All meat is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs  (OMAFRA)
  •  No middle men means affordable prices. Stop getting gouged by the big companies with their 300% markup       and half the quality product.

RawChoice is hands down the best Raw Dog or cat food product in Ontario and is available exclusively in Toronto from High Collared Raw

We deliver in TORONTO.

Just ask Charlie…

Missy recommends RawChoice Breeder’s Blend

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When considering which Rawchoice product to order from High Collared Raw in Toronto, Have a serious look at Breeder’s Blend.

RawChoice Breeder’s Blend is a Complete & Balanced diet “For all life stages”. With its nutritional value and price point, it is one of our best sellers.

RawChoice uses locally sourced beef, lamb, and chicken.

Highly nutritious: A concentrated source of high protein lean muscle, natural water and fat-soluble vitamins, natural enzymes, amino acids, critical trace minerals, such as copper, in addition to other healthful nutrients that fresh, raw meat provides.

Well-balanced to cover the basic 3 different protein needs.


Chicken meat, gizzards and hearts (20%)

Beef red meat, heart, whole green tripe, (30%)

Beef organs (kidney and lungs) and bones (25%)

Lamb meat (25%)

What are you waiting for, Toronto dog lovers? Take your dogs health and happiness to the next level. Click on over to in Toronto and order Raw food for your dog today. High Collared Raw will deliver right to your door or you can pick it up.

The difference between High Collared and the rest.

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Synchronized walking. Three 80lbs+ dogs in my left hand, beside me.  They walk with me, they do not walk me.

Don’t hire just anyone, that got out of bed one morning and stuck a poster on a post. You have seen these posters everywhere, from an endless amount of people wanting to walk your dog, littering OUR beautiful neighborhood. Then these posters and their creators vanish, never to be heard from again.  High Collared has over a decade of experience with a perfect safety record and 100% positive reviews, all from people right here in cityplace, fort york, your neighbors.  We are are here to stay.  This is not a summer job, we are not saving for collage, we are not waiting to pursue our true dreams…..this is our dream and your dog is our life.

We can handle your dog, no matter the size, large or small.

The Store is open!

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High Collared’s Raw Food store is now open. It’s never been easier to get your dog or cat the very best food in Toronto. Just click on the store tab and order.

About our Raw Food

High Collared sells the same raw food that we feed to our own three dogs.

So about our supplier, Raw Choice. One of the main reasons we chose Raw Choice foods for our dogs is that the facility, the operation and the animals are regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Also the inspection is based on standards and regulations of a facility that processed human-grade food. This ensures us that the food we feed to our dogs come from non-diseased, live-slaughtered animals rather than animal by-products and carcasses. All the products are antibiotic-free, nitrate-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.

Ask us questions if you need additional information. We will work with you to provide your dog or cat with a balanced raw diet. Send us their current weight and any diet concerns you have for them. We’ll send you calculations of the amount of food they need daily and an estimated cost.

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