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High Collared Raw is proud to announce that we now carry a select variety of RawChoice dog and cat food products.

So about our supplier, RawChoice. One of the main reasons we chose RawChoice foods for our dogs is that the facility, the operation and the animals are regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  Also the inspection is based on standards and regulations of a facility that processed human-grade food. This ensures us that the food we feed to our dogs come from non-diseased, live-slaughtered animals rather than animal by-products and carcasses. All the products are antibiotic-free, nitrate-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.

Ask us questions if you need additional information. We will work with you to provide your dog or cat with a balanced raw diet. Send us their current weight and any diet concerns you have for them. We’ll send you calculations of the amount of food they need daily and an estimated cost.

We have been feeding our own dogs Raw Choice for over 2 years and it is the absolute best Raw food product we have ever dealt with. Our dogs can simply not get enough of it. They’re healthier inside and out with shinier, smoother coats, less shedding and less waste at potty time.

Now there is a source for Raw Dog food, right here at the harborfront. We offer low prices, often less then the premium kibble or wet food you’re buying now.  We also offer free delivery in the Toronto area for orders over 30lbs

About Raw Choice

RawChoice is based in Ottawa, ON.  We strive to provide the best locally-sourced ingredients in our raw pet food and treats. Our variety of smoked and dehydrated treats are made at our 7,000-square foot facility. Meats are packaged, refrigerated or frozen, and stored on-site.

Each of our recipes has been developed as if it is for our own dogs. The ingredients have been well-researched, with each one complementing the other to offer excellent nutritional value.

RawChoice is a trusted provider of wholesome foods fit for champions. For more information on what our customers have to say about RawChoice, please read our customer’s testimonials.

All of our products are


Established in 2014, RawChoice was the realization of a dream Dr. Haitham Ghunaim, Ph.D., had when he first arrived in Canada in 2002. Dr. Ghunaim grew up in Jordan, where raw food was the diet of choice for all of his dogs and clients’ pets. He realized that more needed to be done to introduce this healthy diet to Canadian pets and worked for the last several years to bring RawChoice to life.

Today, RawChoice foods and treats are available across Eastern Ontario.